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The Next Evolution Social Gathering - July 17, 2024

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

Immersive technologies represent the interface to the world’s next phase of communication. The methods have evolved over time from verbal histories to drawings, then the written word, spread widely by printing presses, transmitted over teletype and then telephone, then over the air using radio, adding motion pictures with television, and on to the internet and mobile computing. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow people to view and interact with digital information presented within spatial context.

It’s a lot to grasp, and these technologies are already changing the way we work, play, learn and live. The Next Evolution provides resources to help our community learn how to make use of these technologies at their jobs, in school, for fun, and for socializing or relaxing.

Little Girl Using VR

Volunteer & Donate

Our free monthly “VR & AR: The Next Evolution” event series is 100% volunteer run. This provides the individuals that support each event with valuable opportunities to engage directly with the leaders in the VR & AR community. In addition to providing value to the community through helping to run the event, they also gain experience with the technologies being presented and direct connection with the people building the industry.

Beyond the in-person assistance each event requires, there are a significant number of expenses for equipment, supplies, snacks, and services. We have vowed to keep the monthly event series 100% free to attend, so finding comes from individual donations and sponsorship from supporters.


Upcoming Events

Whether you come for the education or the community, to have fun, learn, or connect, our events are informal and welcoming to all. Our goal is to help you take your next step forward with virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, whatever that next step may be. for some it may be trying a new technology demonstration, while some may just want to meet others who are just starting to learn. Can’t make it in person? Join virtually or watch the live stream.

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Partners

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