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Young people need opportunities to learn that career options exist beyond their immediate sphere of awareness.

Recognize What's Available

The Illinois Board of Education and the US Department of Education have a renewed focus on work-based learning and career & technical education. It starts early, by presenting middle and early high school students with opportunities to learn about career options available to them, beyond what they may see in their immediate families and neighborhoods. Virtual Reality removes geographic and resource limitation barriers, and improves learning.

Remove Limitations

VR Career Awareness Day is a revolutionary program that enables schools with limited resources to provide their students with a powerful learning opportunity. Many middle and high schools don’t have resources available to bring VR learning into their classrooms. Teachers don’t have additional time or capacity to learn how to apply this amazing technology to benefit learning. We’re partnering with VRAR Chicago to remove those barriers.

Help Schools with Limited Resources Provide the Most Advanced Learning Opportunities to their Students!

Making it Work for Schools

VRAR Chicago has created this program to remove all the major barriers to school adoption of Virtual Reality Career Exploration.

  • They bring in all the technology equipment and services so there’s nothing for the school to acquire, manage, or integrate.
  • They bring in the team so that teachers and school staff don’t have to learn any new technology.
  • VRAR Chicago built a schedule that minimally impacts academic calendar requirements. For each student the entire experience requires 40 minutes.
  • They provide information sheets and permission slips so that teachers, staff, parents, and students are well informed about the program in advance.

The only thing the schools need to provide is a large open space, such as a gym floor.